Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner!

For all of you who entered my snazzy little giveaway let's pretend it's Friday, shall we?

Awww, come on. You can't be mad. I had lots of good things going on in my "Save the neck for me, Clark." of the woods.

I truly did have every intention of revealing our winner on Friday and then this girl showed up:

And well, when the 2 of us get together...nothing but good times happen. Good times and no punctual giveaways, huh?

You see my last name is Cobble. And when Kenny and I got married we wanted to have an annual celebration at our home that fell on the same day every year and involved all of our family coming to do nothing but celebrate being family.

And you know what rhymes with Cobble?


Thus, the Cobble Gobble was born!

This past Saturday our family just celebrated it's 6th Annual Cobble Gobble.

Allow me to provide you with a walk down Gobble lane...

Cobble Gobble 2003. We started off with just inviting our immediate family.

Cobble Gobble 2004. We decided to invite everyone as last year was so much fun! Here I am pregnant with Eli.

Cobble Gobble 2005. Check out that cute little E man!

Cobble Gobble 2006. Here I am pregnant with Casey face. Apparently, I enjoy wearing elastic top pants to these gatherings.

Cobble Gobble 2007.

Ta Da! Cobble Gobble 2008

This celebration comes complete with uniform! We purchase shirts every year and they are wrapped all snug in brown paper bags with little leaf name tags. Your job is to put your name tag on the tree once you get your shirt. Yeah, they're made out of construction paper from the ole school house. Not sure she would approve, but hey, we're green. That's right each year these little tags are re-used. That's got to count for something.

Remember our Cobble Welcoming Committee? Meet one of our November employees. Uh-huh. That's a fake turkey on the top.
Here's our other November door greeter:

We have a tournament round of Cornhole double elimination style. The winners each year get their name put on a plaque that stays at our home. Check out this year's champs:

Larro Samsel of Tennesse and Joanna Cobble of Delaware. Congrats guys!!

And we are all about improving and making better what is already the best too. Hence, our new additions...

A little Rock Band action!

Miss Mollye bear celebrated her first Gobble!

Jonathan and Melissa got married!

They opted for a quiet ceremony back in October on the beach, but who says you can't have the reception at the Gobble?!

And we added sidewalk chalk for signing in!

Here's Kenny in complete turkey frying uniform. Isn't he cute? His brother, Kevin, thinks so!

Each year Kenny deep frys 2 of these bad boys and they are gobbled up to say the least.
Now add in some spirits with this grub, lots of laughter and snuggle time, and the Gobble is complete...

COMPLETE with one HUGE finishing touch,the Grand Gobbler. Kenny and I along with the previous year's Grand Gobbler select a person we consider the MVP of the day. The best of the best in attitude, eating, playing, and pleasure. They receive a trophey to take with them while their name is placed on a large turkey trophy that stays at our home.
Drum roll, please....

Meet Larro Samsel, our 2008 Grand Gobbler. He has a mighty fine victory dance! Kenny's step dad made the most of his winnings by announcing to everyone as he was exiting, "The Grand Larro" is leaving now.

So, please forgive me. I was all caught up in happiness. The happiness that comes from just being yourself with the ones you love the most. There's nothing more real and more heart warming than enjoying the gift of family with nothing in return. For this, our family has much in which to give thanks.

Perhaps this post will help spark some more great comments on this gal of mine's holiday project piece.

I also must say a special thank you to Mrs. Munsey for this award:

As for who I plan to give this award to...hmmmm. I'm going to do some thinking about this and then pass out the hardware.

Oh yeah, the giveaway! I got all wrapped in family fun and awards that I almost forgot about the goodies!

Red Rover, Red Rover, Ashley B. Mosley come over!!

You have one yourself one sweet Pretty Ditty!! Let's talk fabric collections, shall we?

Thanks to everyone for playing. I plan to do another one VERY soon so be on the "read out!" Only this time, I think I will be punctual about my rewards...sound like a plan?

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble...

.mac :-)