It's All Good.

It wasn't meant for me to have a girl. It just wasn't written in the stars so they say. I am okay with that. Matter of fact, I knew with both Eli and Casey that they were boys before we even had the ultrasound to confirm these facts.

People ask me, "How did you know?"

Well, every mom reports back unique quirks about their pregnancies. Some tell tales of their uncontrollable cravings of milkshakes on demand to chilli every night before bed. Some tell of little-to-no-patience mood swings, hair growth, hair loss, complexion dissasters and so on...

Me. I felt aggression. That's right. Agression. I dreamed of hostile car chases, shooting guns, and beating people up. Those dreams. Those wickedly intense dreams led me to only one conclusion: testosterone had laid down his welcome mat and hung a no vacancy sign in my womb.

That's how I knew I was having boys.

It's weird. Most women are infatuated with the concept of having a little girl. I know many that have these feelings. I don't think they are weird at all. I just think it is weird that I never possessed these urges.

I mean I am the girly girl. Accessories, details, feelings, sharing, celebrations, talking...these words are synonomous with the name Meghan.

But boys I have. I like it this way. You see, I'm what I like to call the versatile girly girl. Perhaps this could be seen as bit of a brag. Hmmmmm. Maybe. But nonetheless, I love to be outside, fish, camp, play in the dirt, pick up frogs and spiders, throw ball, build stuff, and I even have a pretty dang good car engine rendition if I do say so myself.

So it's all good. Eli and Casey are perfect for me. I will be the best darn Mother of the Groom you could ever ask for and I am already praying that my daughter-in-laws won't completely loathe me so that I can actually get to see my boys and potential grandchildren during the holiday seasons. All Mothers of The Grooms out there, can I get an amen?

Plus, having boys means all the extra frilly things you know like fun jewelry, cute shoes, and trendy jeans get to come home with me. In Mama's size instead of the 4T version. I hear a lot of my friends that have little girls say that they spend a fortune on the unbelievably sweet and cute little girl clothes and accessories out there. Even one of my mother of a girl friends reports that her little girl has at least 30 pairs of shoes.

Eli and Casey own 3 pair a piece: Crocs, sneakers, and church shoes.

Yeah, I'm okay with the cheaply died pin corsage carnation at the wedding in lieu of the ornate pearl encrusted wristlet the MOTB will be wearing. It's all good.

Cause if I did have girls, you might just catch my little Divas in something like this:

(minus the entire choice of college endorsements know it would be orange and white no matter what UCLA has to say about it.)

And at Christmas, they would probably have a huge frappin' bow in their hair pulled to the side (of course after they slept on pink sponge rollers the night before) spreading their happiest Christmas cheer in something like this:

I want pants like these. Check that. I will have pants like these:

Please disregard the low rent pictures here as I think I forgot what little knowledge I do have about cameras, lighting, and oh the button selection: FLASH ON.

I made these for a little girl in Casey's Sunday School class. They share the same birthday. She is a doll baby, and I think Casey would make her a great husband. Plus, we really like her parents so I might end up with a wristlet corsage after all if the above works out. I won't hold my breath on the pearl encrusted part though.

It was a wonderful experience making these outfits for her. True therapy for me I tell you. I did not use a pattern, but just kind of made it up as I went. The ideas were limitless and very addictive. I could make bundles of these!! I have already come up with at least 3 more versions of this simple design concept.

tiered ruffles, matching fabric flower hair bow, peiced dress with scalloped collar, OH, and...

See what I mean. There's a reason God gave me 2 little boys.
I am so glad he did.
But to appease my uber-feminine tendancies...thank goodness for Lily at church and my nieces!!

:-) .mac