It's here! It's here! It's really, really here!!! We have a blog!! I am so excited!

My good ole partner in crime, k. has been working her little fingers to the bone to make this a reality for k.Mac. You rock, KP!!

This is sure to be the start of something nothing less than wonderful. A way to connect with our customers and sewing groupies out there! Be ready for lots of fun posts, contests, give-a-ways, and chances to tap into the "you in unique!"

As I love creating and designing, I also love to write. My fingers on my keyboard are much like my feet on the dance floor!

There are so many new facets to k.Mac that are just waiting to be reavealed. Aside from the bag styles we already have out, we are working on 4 new bag styles for the spring. Kristi is currently taking our website by storm with new ideas, revamps, and uplifts...a new face list for k.Mac is on its way.

We look forward to the new designs, colors, and ideas both in our studio and technology center. This blog will alllow you sneak peaks at all of this juicy news that is to come!

So, go ahead and lock k.Mac as one of your favorite blogs to read! We're gonna be like your daily newspaper...comics and all!


.mac :-)