There's just something awesome about new.  It's fresh and clear.  There is no baggage.  No cobwebs of I sucked or hints of that hurt.  There's glory in beginnings.  Grace too.  2012 was the year of rhythm for me.  Finding it.  Keeping it.  Chasing it.  Not to mention cussing it a time or two.  I pushed for more of me, the real me.  The best me.  There were moments of great success and ones that graded out blood red with flop & failure.  But, without a doubt, I'm glad I devoted myself to moving in the upward sense.  
2012 was my 365 to document, moreover, devote.  One of my favorite rituals I began last year was {my 2 in 52}.  It was simply a joy to write about my boys on a weekly basis.  With just my commitment to honoring their place in our family's life, I was able to write about them 34 out of the 52 weeks.  For this, I am most proud. Their childhood is fast paced and rapidly my mind reminds itself that these moments are just too precious not to capture.  For the boys, for me and for Kenny.  I am quite certain I won't regret the time spent procuring these memories for us all.  So begins year 2013 for our record books.
Snow.  We took mid-morning of the 1st day in 2013 to play in it.  We were in Lexington, KY for our annual New Year's Eve stay at The Stump Home.  Kenny was with his guys, and the boys and I headed out for a little winter adventure.  I love the fact that the boys chose to play football in the snow with no football.  Pretending is so freakin' awesome.  LOVE that they do this, and do this well.
Casey McGill wanted to sled.  Alas, no sled was handy.  What did he do?  Body sled.  That's right.  This boy is tenaciously driven.  I watched with a smile so big on my face as he body sled time and again.
I  mean just look at that face.  Do you see any ounce of fear?  Notta.  No wonder he has suffered injuries like this at such an early age.
Eli Garrett, the ever cautious, lacks not in tenacity either.  His is more of the planned sort.  Mesmerized, methodical and curious.  Staring for long looks at moss and how fences are put together.  His tackling skills are dead.on.the.money in ghost football like you see being played above.  
Climbed the top of a fallen tree and wanted documentation he did it.  His smile says it all, don't you think?  ::pride::
Snow angels were in order.   Eli was exact in his process so to be sure not to mutate his angel's form.
I was surprised to see Casey follow his big brother's example.  He usually is my spontaneous soul.  Yet, he listened intently and adhered to Eli's advice in creating his own icy cherub construction.
I can't quite call them angels as they are mine.  Kenny's too.  And, if you know us, you know good & well we have a little devil in us from time to time.  Lucifer in the sweetest sense, mind you.  But, our little men are definitely heaven sent.  Full of life and lots of love among other things.  One of my goals for 2013 is to be outside with them everyday.  There is good in fresh air.  There is good in new.  I look forward to yet another year of honoring Eli and Casey in this space. May I capture the glory of their childhood and the grace in their growing too.

{week 52:  my 2 in 52}

.mac :)