The Clothespin

my hands have been immersed in over 15 yards of baby pink satin, minky dot and damask for almost a week  --  creating a custom bumper pad in this fabric elevated my temperature so much from the manual labor, i actually stripped down to my sports bra to finish stuffing it  --  i just recently purchased a pair of shoes for $.50 from Goodwill that gave me the nickname "Meg-lo" from a texting/picture relay with a sweet friend  --  casey is over-the-moon magical about his count down to Christmas calendar  --  he takes the felt magnetic backed images on and off and loves to tell me which ones are his favorite  --  we didn't homeschool not one single stitch last week  --  eli read 6 chapter books from one of his favorite series in just 5 days  --  our Christmas tree's lower section just bit the dust  --  3/4th's lit is where we're at  --  i have an addiction to a $6.97 nose happy  --  the Downy Scent Booster pellets make me want to do laundry  --  folding & putting away is another story  --  in the past 2 weeks, i have shipped over 30 packages from k.Mac  --- is my friend  --  bubble wrap is too  --  i bought an oatmeal seersucker suit set at Goodwill this past Saturday for $2.00  --  i can hardly wait for spring to wear it  --  i went immediately outside and captured an image of the boys the very moment i heard of the Sandy Hook tragedy on 12.14  --  i stopped and prayed and cried.
Yesterday, after church, I spent the afternoon working on a baby nursery I am finishing up for a client of mine.  My hair was down and it I wanted it up.  Without a hair clip nearby, I grabbed a clothespin from a basket I keep in my sewing studio.  My hair is very long.  I wound its ends and quickly twisted it up only to secure it to the top of my head with the simple clothespin's clasp. I then went onto continue sewing, go for a 3 mile run, visit my in-law's to help with Christmas decorations and have dinner, fold laundry and stuff Christmas cards. 

My hair did not once topple down from the clasp of the clothespin.  This physical reminder was so poignantly placed for my spirit to see.  I simply trusted in its capability.  I never once pigeon holed its job description.  

God is that clothespin for all of us.  He foresees and carries.  He runs interference and re-directs. He gives rest and He restores peace.  His place in our lives is needed now more than ever.  I find myself in contant conversation with Him. In the little & the big, He contains my humanity and supersedes my weaknesses when I trust and surrender my joy to just who He is. My clothespin.  My collection of life week in & week out that carves out the picture of the Earthly me.  Fritzed-out Christmas lights on the 17th of December, my tall reader boy, "Meg-lo", bubble wrap, sports bra stuffing, felt Christmas pictures shared with my 5 year old & all.  He gives us these real time reminders to collect and keep with our own clothespins on the string of this life.  And, His promise is these collected memories x infinity if we just trust in His presence and undying love.

12.14.12 is a reminder to us all. Collect and store up these precious everydays.  Secure them on your twine string.  Clothespin them to your heart.  And, above all never pigeon hole His magnificently holy job description. 

Thanks be to God,