{my gift}

I have this wonderful opportunity in my profession.  The incredible gift to create is something I treasure. With each client's design request, I am gifted the ability to connect with someone using the work of my hands.  God has spoiled me so. The above custom design is a wonderful representation of the love I have for what I do.
I do not mass produce.  I am a self employed seamstress/designer to my business that was born from  hard work, determination and an intense passion for design.  I enjoy the intimacy in creating custom pieces as each project is unique, not stacked on shelves or imported from Chinese warehouses for a dime a dozen.  
Perhaps the proudest penny in my pocket is the relationships I have formed with clients.  These relationships are what holds my head a little higher and happies my heart a whole lot.  Clients do not contact me to order 10 jumpers or 15 handbags at a time.  What I gain from their design service requests is so much better than $29.99 x 15 at wholesale cost with FREE SHIPPING.  I am lucky enough to have clients want the work of my hands for that someone special, for that perfect gift or perhaps, for that celebration that needs just the right detail.  
My services are requested with a forethought for gifting or getting.  My designs aren't a hurry up and get it kinda purchase.  And, this makes me all the more proud of the work that I do.  It's the people and their stories that give me the creative energy to thrive in my making.
Clients that return for more designing work from me is, without a doubt, the highest compliment I could ever receive.  I take great pride in whom I work for.  I want my best given to them, and I want them to know that is just exactly what they deserve.
My process for a design coming to life is one I cherish.  I clear my head and ready my hands to work with the intentions of this design's recipient in highest regard.  Simply put, I think about them.  Should I know them, I work while recollecting my memories of them.  If it's a client I do not know personally, I think about them still.  I wonder what they are like.  I consider what they might love most about their design piece.  
I concentrate on my hands and focus my mind on the art that I am creating.  The process is methodical and time consuming.  It's work.  I always have the best sensation just as the design project is about 80% finished. It something  kinda like pride, but I look at it more like a peace.  
This peacefulness comes from the respect that is given to the job at hand, moreover, to the person who chose my services.  There is nothing more humbling and gratifying than knowing that you are smack dab in the will that God has for your life. 
I offer a special thank you to these two Alabama clients for their designs visually represented in this post.  A mother and a daughter whom I've had the privilege of making for in my beginnings as a designer written about here.  And, I am honored to have had the opportunity to create for them once again.  Lily's fabric corsage broach is detachable from her jumper.  I loved allowing for this removable versatility. In the event Lily's mom, Pamela, decides to share her Regency handbag with her daughter one day, Lily will be all set to personalize the handbag with her corsage.  It's those tiny details in design work that runneth over my cup of gratefulness for the gifts that God has given me.  Yes, joy is that simple. 

Pamela's words upon receiving her k.Mac designs:

"My mail carrier just delivered my k.Mac goodies and I was so excited I had to stop the Ironbowl to open them ;) They are FABULOUS! The preview pics you sent were fantastic and I knew I would love them, but the photos did not do your craftsmanship justice. The designs, fabrics, and attention to details are first class. Thank you so much! I think a pillow is next on my list :)"

It is my huge hope that I look not at my occupation in terms of quantity, but forever in terms of quality and lasting connections. My gift is from Him.  And, for this, my Christmas is most merry.

.mac :)