-these 3 things-

My year of rhythm pushes me.  Like a bull in a china shop, its eagerness to be not only present but so center stage in my life is cantankerously obnoxious and mannerly out-of-bounds at times.  I am hard at work on riding the waves of life as they ebb & flow. But, those lots of responsibilities as a homeschool mama and perpetual to-dos of a designer and hormones and a full-time-hard-working-head-coach-of-a-husband tend to get in the way of my rocksteady efforts from time to time.  Ahem.  

This place I call home for my thoughts-turned-words deserves truth.  I am not joyous all the time.  There are moments when I want to explode; moments where I can hear my mother's words, "I hope your face doesn't freeze like that." all too loud in my internal ears.  There are moments when I would like to call in a substitute mom for my boys complete with those great heavy worksheet laden sub-plans as I fill out my sick leave and/or personal day form.  Goodness knows, my boys would enjoy a sub-mom on the days when my ebb & flow meter is askew.

So, I write this post for honesty's sake.  Honesty to you, but mostly for the woman I see in the mirror every morning.  And, I know that my smile is still here even in those days when I feel like her or her. How do I know?  Those 3 examples above.  Yes, these brought me joy this week.

Olde Cape Code Toasted Sesame Soy & Ginger salad dressing I want to pour it in a shot glass or sip it  on ice. I love it that much.  I actually have a small canker sore in my mouth from the acidic overdose of  salad ingestion from just this week.

Shiloh Season by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  This is the book I am reading to the boys aloud. I read Shiloh  to them last Spring.  I love that the dialect is West Virginia country and I love that the topics are hard ones about a love that works through tough lessons about life with bad people.  I love getting lost in my boys' eyes as they are glossy and transfixed on every word aloud read from my lips.  I love that they beg for me to read more as each chapter finishes.  Joy is here in these precious times reading to my heathens.

OPI's Sweetheart nail color.  You know my joy is grading out at a good C- when I am choosing natural tones for my nails.  This color is soothing my ever-lovin' soul right now.  I am not gonna knock it. And,  yes.  Nail color is important.  It is if you're Meghan Alicia Cobble at least.

Gotta scoot.  I am off to find a padded cell.  One that fits a 5'9" woman of athletic stature.  You'll know who she is when you see her.  She has this sour scowl on her face almost as if it's frozen there.  Her nails look great though painted in the sweetest natural hue.