Single Piece of Start

{Loris, SC:  July 2012}

Like a ball of yarn, complexly twisted within, my quest for a more rhythmical self requires me to consider the network.  I am to remind myself that my ball is but one long piece of yarn wrapped & contorted to create this single spherical form.  As human as they come, I need this reminder.  The perpetual recollection that I am not just me.  I am who I am for others.  My actions and my demeanor affect, furthermore, shape two very important people.  

And, if I am not careful, I will send out signals of sin & sour when my climb of rhythm is astutely ascending to the apex of just where I want to be.  For the backs of my legs' up hill strain is pain in pursuit of my balanced vision. Hence, my discomfort oftentimes expels out into ugly & curt.

Motherhood is God's yarn ball.  He takes you.  He reconfigures your composition both physically & emotionally.  You are forever changed for His forward gains.  Your single piece of yarn grows and miraculously manifests itself into something more substantial.  Something more complex.  Something that transcends.

Motherhood is just that. Complex.  Complex & beautiful.  You find yourself on the inside knowing just where the yarn's origin is.  You know, that single piece of start.  Yet, you are so confined to the outer spherical form you resist going inside at times to locate its initial presence. 

{Aunt Tee-Tee and Uncle Tone-Tone's driveway}

And, when you do climb inside that ball of yarn to search out your beginning, your rummaging can potentially alter the greater composition of sphere.  On this day, I remind myself that I am there.  I am the beginning of this something greater.  My single piece of start lives within.  It is in myself and in two very important people.  I can find it whenever I want to.  But only with grace and the cognizance of my place in the legacy that I am leaving in the 2 little hearts God gifted me to give life to.  


{week 26: my 2 in 52}