Labor of Love

It's called leading.  Exceeding past one's sense of self only to be catapulted into something profoundly greater.  He does this. Innately a part of his composition, through sidelines and game fields, God moves within him.  Teaching him.  Correcting him when so compelled. Guiding him for His glory and for so many other's greater good.  He is a man of hard work and loyalty.  He is protective of hope; intensely aware of his place as its facilitator:  hands on shoulders, eye contact, smiles and helmet smacks, pats and go gettums.   

It's called sacrifice.  A pay stub equivalent to less than a part time job's salary at McDonald's does not balance out the countless hours of study, preparation and planning.  Late Friday night laundry cycles, endless phone calls and texts fielded from players and parents alike, Thursday night game field painting after practices mixed with a heaping myriad of afternoons/evenings mowing game and practice fields are but a glimpse into his pay stub pennies.  Time away from his family is the endless debt he works hard to repay in the winter months known as December, January & February. For his March to November is our borrowed time from the pigskin.

It's called growth.  His dedication to building men both fiercely loyal and soundly equipped with tools for life is unwavering.  Faith, courage, fight and commitment aren't just buzz words; they are his way of life.  Taking the time for self reflection and moving forward with those hard steps of perseverance, his role as coach, most importantly Christ's child, grows roots in soil richer and deeper every year.  
It's called a labor of love.  God transcends His magnificent light of grace through this man.  His walk on this earth is not one of perfection, but one securely held by His undeniable will in his life.  Crowds will contradict him; fans may disagree with him, parents may bash him and players may quit him, but God's plan will bleed out in the work that this man puts in.  He will have it no other way.  To be in His hands and working for His glory is gain. It is the nucleus of the man I know as husband.  I want nothing more than to honor him on this Labor Day.  

Go Patriots!

Coach Cobble's wife