All Creatures Big & Small

I marvel at his language.  With them.  He is keenly aware of their presence, moreover, their needs.  For attention.  To be stroked.  To be coddled and befriended.  

The big.

And the small.

He leaves no one out.  He is cautious and issues grace.  Quick to call out bully behavior all for the coveted carrot.  He reprimands and re-instructs.  And, then loves. 

They are his.  Though not by pocketbook or property, but by heart.  He tends to them everyday.  Checking on their moods and their manes.  He knows their ages and names.  Their tendencies.  Their ailments.  He misses them when he's gone.

Mr. Eli, 
You have found passion my son.

And, Mama is so happy.

.mac :)

{week 30}:  my 2 in 52