Their world is becoming more theirs.  Connected and drawn to the other's next breathe, I watch.  I look on to see little boys growing up.  Mine.  Fast.  Uninhibited. 

20 months-ish apart, these two are best of friends.  Superheros and Army guys on the front porch with race cars and remote controls on the back, they play.  Their back yard is but one adventure after another.   Countless hikes have been caravanned by these two here, numerous 2 v. 2 baseball and football games have been battled, trips to feed and love on our new neighbors have been plenty, cowboy round ups too.  And let me not forget the voyages deep into the seas in pursuit of hidden treasures.

Their world is each other.

The story of their births are recorded and found in picture books.  My mind works diligently to rid cobwebs from around the images of wrinkled skin and tiny newborn feet.  As their mama, my looking glass back is clouded and foggy with their nows.  And, I don't mind.  Well, a little I do.  Swaddles and sweet first giggles and steps have but a designated chapter in their book of life.  Mine too.  And, this chapter was written so many chapters ago.  For the sake of comprehension, I sneak back and re-read it from time to time:  Chapter 1.  But it's hard to re-read when you feel so riveted to keep up with the story line in front of you. 

At 7 and 5 years, their world is filled with so much good.  From the outside peering in, I am so proud to see them create and grow together.  I beam with an inner joy down deep when I hear one proclaim the other as their best friend.  I realize the immediacy of my presence is no longer necessary.  Their independence is in full bloom; their minds are ready to learn of all that is around them. On their own time and with their own agendas.  It is my steadfast hope that their surroundings are rich in content and adventure under our provisions.

And, as my heart wraps around the wonderfully awesome unchartered life my sons have before them, I am here.  I watch closely, guide respectfully and pray fervently that opportunity and time be maximized for good.  

Oh, how I yearn to re-read chapter 1 sometimes though.

Yes, the role of a parent has but an uncanny twist if you ask me.

Two precious lives were invited into my life by a loving God.  My body, mind and heart have been changed forever with this invitation.  And, more and more each day, it feels like I am in the one being invited to watch these little boys grow.

Mine.  Fast.  Uninhibited.

.mac :)

{week 35}