A Debute of Gifts: Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day means a lot to me.   It's a day I have written about here remembering her.  And, it's a day I've written about here in my own walk as a mom.  It's a bittersweet kind of day to me. On this day, it never fails. I somehow pinky wrap my mind around Mom's memory.  Curled and tucked, I move through the day reminded of her strengths and daydreaming of what she would think about my boys.  Even more, what she would think about her daughter as mom. And, with certainty the pinky on my other hand squeezes even tighter to the nowness of Eli & Casey face.

My mom was a great gift giver.  She had a knack for giving gifts that were the perfect suit for a person. She was sentimental yet practical.  She had an outstanding eye for special items that would transcend style or popularity.  I have made it a goal of mine to do just the same in my gift giving.  One of my favorite gifts we gave my Dad-daddy for Father's Day one year when I was little was none other than my Mom's idea.  She bought a handmade cookie jar made of out pottery at a craft fair.  Then, she had all of our family to sign the back of the jar.  It still sits in my grandfather's kitchen to this very day. And yes, it is still full of his favorite store bought cookies.

With k.Mac's Debute of Gifts for Mother's Day, it is my hope that I have honored my mom with just a bit of her sentimental heart in my custom designs.

I am most excited about this gift design.  Meet k.Mac's Silhouette.  This is an 8 x 10 framed orignal artwork by k.Mac.  Each frame choice is a vintage black theme.  I have already had one order placed by a local client just upon seeing it in my studio.
This custom gift order comes complete with all that you see above.  It is a hand pieced silhouette of your choice image atop an oatmeal toned linen grained background.  You may boast your family's last name and a special Bible verse, just your family's last name, or even the term of endearment for your mother. It comes in your choice of frames noted below and will be wire strung and ready for hanging.  I adore the cross, but wanted to offer other silhouette choices as well.

I loved this horse.  

The house is a perfect symbol of family too.

And, the star is so classic and strong.

Perhaps my favorite is the back.  Each member of your family is to sign it with words only your mom will cherish most.  This photo does not yet have the back facets and wire hanger, but the finished product will.  This gift is also great for group giving where members of the family all pitch in to give a gift in unity.

I do have limited quantities in frame styles available, and I will run on first-come-first serve availability. The first choice in framing is the cuffed style frame.

The other choice in framing is the shaker style frame.

Next up is this beauty.  k.Mac's Monogrammed Fabric Corsage!  I am so immersed in these sweetie pies.  I feel like a little girl wishing I had "Days of the Week Underwear" only instead of underwear it be monogrammed fabric corsages!

I think this next advertisement says it all...

The back comes complete with pin, BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  Upon request, I will adhere a hair clip to the back for those mamas out there who want to use it sometimes as a corsage and sometimes as a hair dolly.  Sheesh, this is fun!

Monogrammed fabric corsages are available in the following fabric collections:

{Um, yeah.  It's dark gray seersucker.  Eek!}

Next up is k.Mac's ever popular Sunshine for the Soul Pillows for the home.  All decorative pillows have FREE SHIPPING!  There are 4 designs and all of them have such an eclectic spin.

The Fifty would be perfect for a mom that lived far away in another state.

Lastly, k.Mac's Sunshine for the Soul candles make a wonderful gift.  These candles are $12.99 with a portion of each purchase going to the Special Olympics.  Upon purchasing any of the above designs, you may choose a scent of your choice for a discounted price of $10.99.  These candles are triple scented and burn for approximately 80 hours. {a small candle shipping fee will be added to include any candle purchase (s).} 

It's a day worthy of celebrating.  It's Mom.  And, mamas are so very good.  They are the sweet in "Home Sweet Home" if you ask me.  I hope these gift ideas offered are ones unique and special.  Purchase one or work together as a family to give her a k.Mac bundle.  It is my wish that each Mom out there be pinky wrapped in love.  I know both my pinkies will be curled tightly on this special day.

Contact meghan@kmaccreations.com to begin your custom design session or to place your order.

Limited quantities available for k.Mac's Silhouette.

.mac :)