I have a love for style and art.  The southpaw in me says it's so.  I've always loved colors and shades and movement.  Oh, how I love movement.  Texture, fine lines and the theatrical story are just some of the   concepts behind creating that entices me so.

I love people, connections and learning too. 

The human electricity we call relationships is so magnificently 100 watt to me.

So creatively & uniquely in this year of twenty-twelve,  I wanted to story my journey of being a better me by melodically using a mixed bag of my favorites:

personal photographs

{Kinda like the 5 bean medley soup we are having for dinner tonight simmering in the crock pot right now.}

And, I want to take time to celebrate and share on the last day of every month.

my word
my mission
my status
my memories

It is my hope that this end-of-the month progress report is obtuse with growth.
I promise to be truthful even if I suck it up at success.
You have my word.

In the world of blogging and for the 7 people who read this bad boy, it seems anything is worth chronicling.  

So chronicling, I will commence on this 31st day of January.

Allow me a warm-up exercise with the ensemble photographed above.

Ensemble Statistics:
  • Target clearance for $6.96 circa 2010
  • They are the coolest pink/purple color.  I call them Puce inspired by this movie I adored when I was a little girl.  Anyone else remember the color of the candy canes?
  • They have real grosgrain bows with silver tassels on the end.
  • The style name for the shoe on the tag was "Meghan"  Destiny, I tell you.
  • They are totally patent leather pleather and that is freaktastic fun if you ask me.

  • bought last weekend at 50% off Goodwill in my little East Tennessee town.
  • paid $1.50 for them
  • They are the perfect shade of charcoal grey denim.
  • They have little black studded rhinestones scattered about.
  • AND, they have black lace appliques too.  EEK!
  • Casey's response when he first saw me in them, "Mama, it looks like your underwear is sewn to the outside."  Nice. Kenny would be proud.

  • Goodwill
  • $1.00
  • perfect length for layering and covering the tush
  • great neckline for necklaces or to give that barely there skin vibe
  • would be super for cleavage, but I don't have any
  • tiny tuxedo buttons with the elongated cuff look
  • black-n-white stripes

  • It's that weird length that you're always guessing about.  You know, like, is this length in style still or not?  
  • I opted to go for it anyway. 
  • Goodwill.
  • Merona brand
  • $1.29 paid
  • I feel all Michael Jacksony in it as it has the gold metallic zipper action goings-on and some ad hoc pockets too.
  • cUhRaZy about the mustard color.

  • $5.00
  • Big Lots
  • a flat silvery shade
  • flimsy
  • I kinda tend to choke myself with over wrapping if I'm not careful.
  • I have a small and quite long neck, hence the above observation.

  • $4.00
  • bought at a killer cool boutique of all things AWESOME in my new-to-me little town, The Steamer Trunk.  The house is painted a mint chocolate chip shade on acid.  Love it.  The owner is so cool. She is all trendy & classy and so witty too.  Real down to Earth, which I love.  

  • They straight up look like they are heirlooms inherited from my great, great grandmother.
  • Antiquey diamonds surrounding a black onyx riveted center stone set in an oxidized ole world silver
  • paid $7.00 for them 
  • The Steamer Trunk, yep.
  • There is a room in this boutique, I KID YOU NOT, that is floor to ceiling jewelry.  

  • brought to you by Dove.
  • washed 2 days ago and slept on
  • bangs are pulled back as I am due for a haircut and I can't stand them in my eyes all skateboardy like.
TOTAL financial investment in outfit:  $26.79

Chronicling can't stop there as my fingers have just primed themselves for the most important. So for you readers ready for the real meat of this post, I will gladly serve you now.

January 2012

My word:
My personal word of growth for the month of January was {act}.

My mission:

I wanted to dissolve all anxieties of I can'ts and I don't have times.  
  • try new designs.
  • make time for my personal reading (1 book a month)
  • reach ones I love far away (cards, calls, presents in the mail)

I wanted to see a need and fill it.
  • be there when someone needs you (by phone or by physical presence)
  • remind someone that you are thinking of them in a special way

I wanted to take a chance and push myself in something I love to do.
  • write more on this blog
  • advertise my designs more
  • do a Bible study with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law

I wanted to push myself in patience.
  • listen to the boys stories and dive into the details asking them questions.
  • speak less negatively to the things that irritate you
  • snuggling more with my boys when I want to jump up and get something else done

I wanted to really put myself in someone else's shoes.
  • I wanted to listen and REALLY hear their heart song.  I wanted to envision myself in their place with their hurts and happys too.  I wanted to remind them of the hope they have within His plan.

I wanted to magnify my presence in my home.
  • get the laundry done and put away, damnit.
  • plan and carry out dinners consistently
  • organize
  • get rid of the things you don't need.

My status:  

* * * * 
4 out of 5 stars

I have not finished my personal reading book for the month.  {Don't think for one second that I haven't considered pulling an all night reading marathon tonight just to check this off my January list.  It's the overachiever in me. But, alas, I have sewing to do, so the book will move on into February.}

My memories:

I have a glorious feeling inside me looking back on January 2012.  A sense of accomplishment resonates my being.  I can be better than my yesterdays.  I can grow with the love I have for myself and the love I have for others.  I can find peace in what God prepares for my soul's next mission even if it is in my ordinary everydays.  I can smile at the woman God wants me to be.

Ready for February, 
.mac :)

p.s  A special thank you to my lead photographer, Eli Cobble.