2 hearts.

The role of mother is quite different from the role of the aunt.

Aunt Meghan can worry less about the rights-n-wrongs and focus more on the spoilings-n-sillys of adoring.  And, I've got a new niece on the way.  Remember my excitement here and here?
Miss Mallory Alaine Casey will be here soon!  You can only imagine my excitement when I made these matching outfits for next year's Valentine's Day for the sisters.

It's like yesterday I can remember Mollye joining us in this world.  I am reminded of my unbridled anticipation and my intense love for her the moment my eyes met her face.  

Now, it's so hard to believe that these are the size clothes I make for Mollye Addison!  
I cannot tell you the amount of fun I had with constructing this ribbon looped initial heart.  The picture really does not do justice to the shirt's cute factor.  It's all bubbly and fluffy and 3D.  I make it a point with handmade items to encourage a client to order a size up in tees.  I do this only so that the client will be able to potentially get 2 years use out of a custom order.  This shirt is a 4/5.  
Now to these SUPER DUPER DREAMY pants!  Oh, how I heart these!  Mollye looks so adorable in the large ruffle look.  I love the double ruffle heart-dot combo.  I'm even kinda drooling as I stare at these   now.  And, for a one louder for practicality's sake, I have enough extra fabric in the waistline so that next year all I will have to do is unstitch the band, remeasure Mollye's height and re-install the elastic so that she will be set for one more Valentine's only this time with her little sister!
I opted to showcase k.Mac's newest Hair Happies in Mollye's platinum locks.  These are called Florets.  They are not yet on the website, but I am thinking they are gonna be a popular addition.  These come in your choice of clasp. {aligator with no teeth, alligator with tiny teeth or lobster clasp} Coordinating fabric mixed with ribbon sprouts...um, that's a party I wanna go to!

And, may I officially introduce to you the very first outfit I have made for my new niece, Mallory Alaine!  Kim opted for a jumper as Mallory will be about 8-9 months next Valentine's Day.  At that age, easy diaper access is key.  I can just see her now with some black leggings and platinum peach fuzz with her Nanny T's blue eyes!  EEK!  I cannot wait!  

Along with the double heart-dot ruffle, I wanted to capitalize on the crisp, clean white hue of Mollye's shirt in Mallory's jumper.  I opted to use a dainty tea cup pocket with her monogram trimmed in the same ribbon used in Mollye's shirt.  I enjoy the whimsy-ness this pocket has to offer the overall jumper aesthetically.

And, there you have it.  My one heart is FULL of the 2 MAC hearts God has entrusted to me as their Aunt Meghan.  I have no doubt I will aDoRe every second of loving on these girlies.

How fitting that my first big sister/little sister ensemble is for Valentine's Day.  

.mac :)

p.s.  These designs have premiered already on my Facebook page.  For those blog readers who want just one more avenue of k.Mac goodness, I would be honored to have you!