Plurals & Placentas

The story of two.
I love hearing how parents found out they were having twins.
The story unfolds with such excitement and joy with a little bit of disbelief and surprise too.  
And making for twins is so super fun. 
Go here to check out one of my favorite custom designs I did for a client having twins.

This particular client from South Carolina chose an owl theme for her little misses' nursery.

I truly had to contain my inner joy when it came to adding the ruffled trim.
I heart ruffles.
Not gonna lie.

I adored how the warm pink compliments the rich green in these b.blankets.  The black provides just the right eye traffic to allow these 2 accent colors to POP too.

Plurals & Placentas.
k.Mac will gladly help you "add the s" or "change a y to i".

.mac :)