Combat vehicles and kin are the perfect mix.

On Sunday afternoon Kenny's sisters {MiMi and Tee-Tee to Eli & Casey} along with their Uncle Jonathan, Papaw, cousin Mark, as well as their highly skilled safari mother loaded up for some off road outtakes in the county of Cocke.
MiMi and Jonathan are the proud of owners of this all terrain BeAsT you see us uploading complete with collapsible ladder; Uncle Jonathan can be found in the dictionary under the word "prepared" mind you.
You think Tee-Tee is a bit overjoyed to safari with wildlife? 
She is crazy scared and that would be the look of terror propped under that adorable hat of hers.
Check out how Tee-Tee rocks the smile when animal-feeding directions are being delivered.
Me on the other hand, well, there is some disbelief under those shades, my friends.
Reminder:  Uncle Jonathan and MiMi are top of the charts in tow with action snack packs for each youngin.  Each bag had about 5,000 calories of naughty goodness AND a can of FLARP.
Nice one, MiMi.

Oh furry ones?  We be hookin' you up!

And, now for your virtual safari tour, enjoy:
{Yes, we fed each of these animals in quantities of 4 or more}

Camry + 9 point buck = WHAT KIND OF FOOD Y'ALL HAVE UP IN HERE?

Whilst Uncle Jonathan drove and the children crammed tiny clusters of tube-like cylinders of joy into furry creatures' mouths, I snapped pics and Papaw had some father-daughter bonding.

Back at the ranch once we rode through not once, but twice to feed the hoofed and/or feather loverlies, we decided to try a little stationary nibble love.

Meet Zoe.  She is a Zorse.  I wanted to tuck her in my pocket and take her home.

A rugrat resting with a grizzly...

And, well, this is ONE LUCKY BEAR!!
Drenched in one's finest natural animal essence mixed with quite possibly 10 coats of good ole Cocke County, TN sweat, the Cobble kin finally decided to vacate the premises of this fine establishment.

Super time.
Great company.
Another memory in the book of life.
And, we still have the FLARP to boot.

.mac :)