The Hunt

Sometimes I wonder where peace and balance unite.

Is it somewhere in amongst the confusion and solidity of the universe?

Could my ebbs & flows be the rippled waters tickling the sandy grains of shoreline?

Or can I find myself in the mighty & thunderous waves as they apex and descend intimidatingly in the marvelous blue unknown?


It's what we all innately long to be.
Better beings.
Better living beings.

Yet clouds of chaos rumble,
Time lines and deadlines command response.
And quality slowly steps aside as quantity plays the lead role on center stage.

Better beings.
Better LIVING beings, yes.

And so it is in my quandaries of less vs. more, I stop from time to time and look for their rendezvous spot?
That location.
You know, where peace & balance unite?

And like an adeptly keen bird dog with a fresh wet nose to the ground, my heart races to tail their scent and track them down.

And with my heart on the hunt, I am victorious.

Heart over head.
My heart in His hand.

For one and for all.

.mac :)