This is BIG for me.

Monumental even.

k.Mac's new website is here.

It's here.


It has taken right at a year to complete.

I looked at the designing and re-writing of the website as an adventure and tried only to work on it when I felt fresh and energized as I wanted only my best given.

I have hemmed & hawed on pressing the publish button for far too long.

Thankfully, I have Kenny in my life to push me just when I need it most.

I hope this new place is informative and helpful to all interested in handmade goods from k.Mac.  

For this place, to me, is so much of who I am.

I am contnuing to work on the glitches that just aren't quite right.  You know, like fonts outta whack, stubborn links that refuse to work and a few sticky placement issues, but I'm already receiving some wonderful words as well as business as a result of k.Mac's new facelift.

And, I am grateful to be in the midst of progress, imperfections, and promotions.

k.Mac has a Facebook page.  Click here to join in on the fun of handmade.  I would love to have you on the k.Mac team. It is here you will find sneaky little sales and giveaways too. I'm a talker so I plan on using Facebook as a place to gab it up on new products as well as current custom designs.  Feel free to gab back if you wanna. 

You can also find links to the k.Mac website, {mollyemade}, and my Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods line on my blog sidebar.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new place.  

Ready, set, go....

.mac :)