{my kitchen window sill}

Mama: "Alright boys. We are going to play outside for 25 minutes before nap time."

Boys: {racing off to the front door} {hollers, screams and shouts of "YESSSS!"}
Mama: "Hey now. Wait. Do not go out that door just yet."
Boys: {squealing sneaker skids to stop and turn} ANTSY and FIDGETING
Mama: "I am going to open the garage door for you to get your toys. Do not go near the road. Got it?"
Boys: "Yeah, mom! Yeah. We got it! We will meet you at the garage." {busting out the front door}


I meet 2 little boys with handfuls of sunshine.
For me.

Eli: "Mom, we went around and picked every single yellow flower we could find for you as fast as we could!"
Casey: "Yeah, we wanted to you have all the flowers."

And I do.

2 handfuls of sunshine.
On my kitchen window sill.

I don't have to look back to know that this was a big thing.
It's worth every penny to stay at home with these little men.

.mac :)