Graceful Green Goodness

I am in love.

Absolutely infatuated.

{Over this fabric collection.}
{Over this custom design.}

This is my most recently finished order.
I have a stockpile of orders that are waiting their feature showcase on this blog, but I HAD to share with you this graceful green goodness right here. Right now. Today.

The custom order was from an international client who custom designed with me and wanted this gift shipped directly to the recipient in South Carolina.

And so graciously, I obliged. :)When my client began the designing process with me, she expressed that the sweet little baby was to be named Kinleigh Hope. She mentioned her nursery was to be in pastel green and pink colors.

One would think there are GOBS of light pink and green fabric selections out there in this fabric world of ours, but let me be the first to clarify:

1. There are.
2. They are not all that cute.
Upon searching, I found this collection. And I melted. It is classic sophistication with all the girly bells and whistles. Big pink underlying polka dots with floral filigree baby ducks snuggled atop. Swirly-whirl candy pink pinwheels. Intricately detailed and eclectic damask designs shadowed only by the most darling of swiss polka dots...
This mother of 2 boys needs a brief moment to collect herself.

Okay. I'm back.

I sent 4 different fabric collection samples to this client all via email with fingers double crossed plus toes too that my client would, in fact, select my top choice for her couture baby gift. My email was informative and unbiased with these 4 different collections, mind you.
And sure enough, she did! I was ecstatic to begin work on a k.Mac b.blanket for this sweet Kinleigh. b.blankets make wonderful baby shower gifts. They are made with your choice of up to 3 coordinating fabrics. The top of the b.blanket is pieced and quilted and you have a choice of a coordinating minky dot or satin for the b.blanket backing. Names, monograms, initials, and even birth dates can be embroidered for an extra punch of personalization.

b.blanket - (noun) A k.Mac top quilted blanket with your choice of backing and personalization measuring approx. 30 x 30 in size. Named by our infamous Casey Face who snuggles the original b.blanket each and every night with 2 fingers stuffed in his mouth...STILL at 3 years old.
And my client also wanted to gift Kinleigh with one of k.Mac's Tiny Taggies. These taggies are the perfect security love-n-snuggle as they are but a mini-version of the b.blanket equipped with fun coordinating tags for rubbing as well as your choice of minky dot or satin backing.
In addition to being handmade, personalization really promotes any gift to "ooh & ahhh" status as new mamas love to see their little one's name on just about anything!

I like to use a great variety of textures and patterns for the ribbon loops. Developmentally, babies are fascinated with color and texture changes training their eyes and fingers to know the difference in each as they grow.

And so it was with a joyous, happy heart that I danced this package of graceful green goodness off to Miss Kinleigh Hope.

Pale pink and green never felt more precious in my hands.

.mac :)