A Timeless Classic

Growing older.

It's worth celebrating.
It's worth making the most of.

This sweet lady you see here turned 82 on Saturday.
This is Kenny's Mamaw Samsel.
She is his step dad's mom.

I adore her sweet laugh.
She has the happiest southern Bean Station, Tennessee twirl to her words.

She loves her family.
She loves her 2 puppy dogs.
She is loved by so many.

She came to Casey's 3rd birthday and it was her first time at our home. While there, Kenny's mom wanted her to see my sewing studio. Mamaw was so amazed at all the fabrics and the story behind making this business a reality for me.

At one point, she turned to me, looked right into my eyes, put both hands on my forearms and said, "Well, I am just so proud of you for doing all this. I really am."

And my heart beamed.

So for her birthday, Kenny's mom contacted me about custom designing a handbag for her. All her children went in together to surprise Mamaw with her very own couture handbag complete with monogram. Kenny's mom had to make sure she would carry it as at first she didn't want to mess it up.

Pretty things are meant to be lived, adored, and treasured.

This medium Tenpenny is a timeless classic.

Kinda like Mamaw Samsel.

{lived, adored & treasured}

Happy birthday, Mamaw!

.mac :)