Climb Up In My Lap...

We like tractors in our family. Notice my header? We really do. Even my brother and sister-in-law were married in a field on my grandparent's land next to one of his Farmall tractors.

Pretty cute ring bearers, huh?
Sweet Mollye Bear just had to have Aunt Meghan make her a dress with matching bloomers so she could wear it on tractor rides!
And here it is. Mollye's "B" Aunt Meg made to match her dress. Let's just say, Mollye doesn't leave home without her tractors, okay?!
So when I was asked to do a tractor bag for a little girl, well, the only thing I had to readjust was the colors.

This client contacted me ecstatic over the upcoming arrival of her new niece. She, in fact, was given a k.Mac diaper bag for a gift just 3 months prior.
She loved her gift so much, she decided that niece of hers needed one too!

Chocolate and pink polka dots...sToP iT! The name "Claire". Oooh, it was just too much for a mama of boys to handle!

I was thrilled to design a diaper bag completely girly and COMPLETELY tractor for this special new life! I even loved putting the hand sewn bow on the front! EEEK!
Cause who says boys get to have all the tractor fun?
Not me!
However, last night it was boys that DID have all the tractor fun at our house.
I give you Eli and Casey Cobble:

Yes, those are mama's boots. One must be in the appropriate thematic attire at all times.

You like how Eli is clearly the lead singer while Casey provides total back up and pOwEr gusto wails at just the right moments in the song?

That's affirmative. Eli IS playing the guitar. Weirdly enough, we'll count that as the guitar.

And you are correct. Casey has the drums on lock.

Eli is in FULL of checkmeout mode. He is all enamored with his reflection in the french door glass. Serious about it too.

For those of you reading this blog for the 1st time and have not checked my regional origin in the United States, I am pretty certain you have ruled out the northeastern part of our country after viewing this.

Climb up in my lap, and drive if you want to...

.mac :)

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