I am overwhelmed with love from my 2.

Really, I am.

They amuse me and make me feel more joy than ever possible just in their day to days.
Just tonight, I watched Eli teach his little brother how to problem solve a situation. Like when your NASCAR car goes under the stove and you can't reach it. Big brother went and got a dowel rod in our spare closet, and then proceeded to guide little brother in the act of retrieving his car from under and beneath the cookery.

And then, Casey face talks with me candidly about how when he "gets grower" {i.e. older} he is going to marry me.

To which Eli profusely argues that he can't because mommy is daddy's forever and she is already taken. She can't get gotten again.

And I smile and blush just a little.

Then Casey and I have a talk about how God has a special lady, perhaps, in store just for him. Immediately, he wanted to know what she looked like {true Casey face fashion}. I then asked him if he would promise me something.

Yes, at a mere 2 1/2 years old, I asked for a promise.

I asked him if he would dance with his mommy a bunch at his wedding to the special girl that God had in store for him.

He looked right into my eyes with his 2 fingers in his mouth and said, "Fast songs, slow songs, or both, mama?"

I smiled widely without inhibiton and said, "BOTH!"
He agreed.

I mean I am blessed beyond belief.

So this sweet thing in this post is just icing on my cake. I am overwhelmed with her dainty yet fiesty personality. I am constantly thinking of what I can make her and when I can snag her for a couple days for an Aunt Meghan visit!
I made this little halter sundress set on her last visit here right before she turned a year old. These buttons and rickrack are vintage. They are from her namesake's stash. I try to put a little of my mom in her outfits when it feels right. I know my mom would be head over heels in love with her very own granddaughter Mollye. Between mom and me, Kim would have no need to shop as this girl would be suited from head to toe in handmade!
Chunky legs and bloomers to match. This picture just kills me. I see a grown girl here. A BIG girl though not even one yet. She sat so still for me as I snapped pictures of her.

I don't like this growing up deal.
It's too fast.
I guess that's why the now means all the more, huh?

So now it shall be.

I am thrilled to share a new blog with you. A new blog you need to follow and frequent. Her mama and my sweet sister-in-law, Kim, has started a blog and I couldn't be happier. Dancing must have been on our family's minds today as you read and watch this post. Do leave Mollye Bear's mom a comment to say hello!

Now Mollye is featured in not one, but two blogs. Who at 13 months can say that? I think we just might have a celebrity on our hands.

Rock on whichyerbadself, Mollye. Do yer thang, girl.
.mac :)