Mommy and Me and Baby Make Three

Becoming a big sister. Wow.

I can actually remember dad waking me up from my 4 year old slumber. I was wearing my favorite ice blue silky night gown with a tiny eyelet flower on the neckline from which blue ribbons dangled down that morning late in May. It was a mini version of one my mom had. It had a matching robe too. I loved that nightgown. {See what I mean about me and details?}

Anyway, I can remember dad sliding me into that cool covered hard mattress bed at Mom-mommie and Dad-daddy's, telling me to sleep tight, and that when I woke up in the morning I would have a new sister or brother to see.

Seriously, I do remember that.

The next morning, my mom-mommie got me dressed. I had the perfect Mom-mommie/Dad-daddy breakfast of white bread toasted with homemade apple butter and whole milk. White bread. Squishy, ultra soft, melt-in-your-mouth good.Thank you grandparents for giving me the finer things in life. She straight skipped the twirl and twist ponytail holders with the plastic balls as they infuriated her when attempting them. She opted for celadon green barrettes.

I then went in with her to the store she and dad-daddy owned, Custom Sound. A record shop located in our hometown mall.

Mom-mommie took me down to the toy store to pick out a surprise. She said this surprise was to celebrate my little brother being born last night.

Little brother?

Surely, she stumbled up her words.

{A sister I was destined to have in my little mind.}

In great 4 year old fashion, I moved right past that comment and was off in search of my prize. I opted for my very 1st Barbie. Oh, the start to one blissful childhood of pretend play this Barbie was.

Sun Lovin Malibu Tan Barbie {blonde hair with the tan lines when you moved her suit} I just was directed to a site called "Vintage Barbie Dolls" to get the link for this Barbie. I am not kidding. Whoa.

For realz, this Barbie would not be manufactured these days.

These days it would be "Sunscreen Barbie with matching take-your-own-grocery bag."

She had high heels and I lost one on our way to the car to go see my new little brother.


I am certain this was not a word in my vocabulary then, but if it was then I would have totally said it. You just don't lose Barbie's shoes. EVER.

Anyway, we got there. I was thrilled to see my mom to tell her all about my very 1st Barbie. She listened and smiled all glazed over like. {After giving birth to 2 babies, I now understand the glazed over look.} Then she directed my attention to the bassinet beside her.

This is me peering in for the 1st time. I had to get a hand on him just to make sure he wasn't a baby doll, you know.

Life was good with this guy, I guess.

I had him on all of my adventures. Adventures like window shopping in the snow. {I liked to pretend I was in New York window shopping when it snowed at our house.} Accessories were a must for me. Check out my clutch, scarf, and I would kill for boots like those RIGHT NOW in size 8! Look closer to see that I made Adam take along his blue and red Velcro zip wallet too. Me and those details.
And I loved to feed him. He would scream as I taunted him with the spoon just out of reach of his mouth. I would grin with delight and then shove that spoon right in mid-wail.

Yeah, I ended up liking that brother of mine.

But this girl? This girl got a little sister.

Anna Claire got Lainey. A little sister to play Barbies with. To share hair bows and shoes, tights and tiaras.

And this client of mine opted to give her girls k.Mac.

Tara ordered our large Regency for little miss Lainey. This design style is roomy, full of interior pockets and can have up to 3 exterior pcokets complete with punchy gathers and a perfect bow to boot. Tara chose our "Cutie Patootie" fabric collection.

And Tara said just this about her k.Mac purchase:
"I love our bags and so does everyone who has seen them!"

"Anna Claire really loves hers too!"

Cause you know Anna Claire could not be without a special something in honor of becoming a big sister! At k.Mac we know it's a big deal first hand. That's why we offer matching Pretty Petite bags for big sisters to carry around their baby doll's bottle, hairbrushes, plastic keys, and the like.

Cause accessories are important things.

k.Mac knows.

Remember Sun Lovin Malibu Barbie's lost high heel?


One must always be capable of great accessories.

At 4 years old, Sun Lovin Malibu Tan Barbie wasn't the only accessory I was blessed with.

.mac :)