She walks.
Not just with the assistance of mama and daddy's hands.
Not cruising.


This sweet cupcake tee-tottles.
Plip-plop, smack-smack her bare feet go.
She's vertical now.
It is overwhelmingly beautiful to watch a little one grow.
To watch them develop into the self that God has already known for so long.

I love Psalm 139.

It brings me such inspiration and a sense of honor when I read it. To know that I was His long before my parents even knew of me. Likewise, this Mollye girl was too. When I read these verses, I can't help but envision God adjusting the length of ribbon needed for each of our lives, contemplating just the right color hue for each individual, ever so precisely snipping the edges crisp, and then tieing our ribbon of life into the most pristine of bows.

  • A knot secure in His grace and unwavering love.
  • Never promising that our lives won't become unraveled and untied at times, but steadfast in His commitment to always be there to criss-cross each of us back into the bow He wants for us all.

Inspired I am in just this skin. Motivated to expend every ounce of my being to make the absolute most of my time here on Earth. For those shaken with a lack of self confidence, hold on tightly to these wonderful words:

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

And His works are wonderful.
Never doubt that you are anything less than this adjective.

The details in our lives are His. He knows them before we do. Every button sewn; every zipper installed; He is our designer.

And He is hers too. He knows her strengths, her weaknesses. Her passion for life is as sure as the moment He kissed her little head and sent her down to be His on this Earth.

She is fearfully and wonderfully made. A one-of-kind like the outfits her Aunt Meghan stitches.

And my prayer is that she never doubt this.

She is now.
She will grow.
The direction to always look, Mollye.

Love you,
Aunt Meghan :)