The Total Package

I often parallel my everyday to a new bag design for a client.

Allow me:

  • the hunt for a fabric collection that is a perfect fit: my readying, planning, listing for the day to come the night before.
  • the fabric cutting: the attitude I decide to have to take on my day.
  • the bag construction: the effort, time, and energy I use to mold my day into its agendas of to-dos.
  • the finishing touches: the dinners around our table, the movie night with my honey, the girl time I find with my neighbor while watching the boys play.
  • the shipment: my head lying peacefully on the pillow as I rest with anticipation of the day to come.

It's a nice analogy for me to hang on to.

Fully aware that my insides spill out with what my outsides show the world.

And it is my hope that with intention, prayer, and whole lotta love, my insides will make my outsides look oh so cute.

Like a happy {mama/wife/business owner/friend/neighbor} gal all cinched up with a passion for living and giving her best.

That's it.
The total package.

A special thank you to k.Mac's Ruby for visual post enhancement.

And an extra special thank you for the scissors and seam rippers of life. Trimming off the jagged edges and starting seams fresh and new takes on an completely new analogy for this girl!

.mac :)