Bacon +
the Great Smoky Mountains =

Yes, it's true. There ain't no party like a piggy party cause a piggy party is BEST! I have been blessed to marry into a very superfine family. A very superfine family with a set of superfine girls.Meet my mother-in-law, Carlene. {take note of the piggy coffee cup and shirt, please}

And now meet Kenny's Aunt Bea. {No, she doesn't have a bladder problem. We had just come from the pool.}

Allow me to explain. Ahem. Pig Tour stands for:

  • Pretty

  • Important

  • Girls

  • Taking

  • On

  • Unbelievably

  • Rowdy Rituals

The 2 Queen Sows above, Carlene and Bea, informally began Pig Tour well before it ever had its name. These 2 were roommates while their husbands were off at duty living the life of the all time best slumber party. They did everything together. Marrying brothers gave them the added bonus of becoming family or in these parts, "kin."

Carlene gave birth to 3 wonderful children {one being my hotty husband and the other 2 being my hotty sister-in-laws, Kristi and Melissa. Bea gave birth to 2 spirited girls: Becky and Kathy.

Add 1 niece in for good measure along the way and me, the only un-blood of the bunch daughter/sister-in-law, and that gives you 8 ladies looking for a whole lotta gabbin', eatin', and laughin'.

This year makes our 6th year to celebrate Pig Tour. Every year there are so many ridiculous outfits we have worn to "Fancy Night", countless silly pig garb accessories such as pig slippers, pig hats, pig earrings, feather boas, pig necklaces, pig sunglasses all that we have been gleefully guilty of wearing in and about our pig outings.

Basically it's a free-for-all weekend devoted to nothing but the sheer pleasure of being around one another and eating the most delightfully disgraceful-to-your-waistline of yummies. {Yes, we ordered that many. Yes, we eat that many.}
The cabin is decorated with pig motif the minute we walk in. Pillows, throws, cups, pictures; it's the most pig paraphernalia you will ever see in one place. I kid you not.
Alas this year, every piggy voted on a weekend to rest and relax. Our normal public social functions like pig bowling, "Fancy Night" eating, swim meets, and Fanny Farkle footlong corndog contests were pushed to the side this year for a weekend of no bras, no make-up, and whole lotta togetherness in our cabin. Here are Kathy, Melissa, and Becky in full game mode. Game night is every night on Pig Tour.
Sow Kristi giving her team her piggy all in Pictionary. {Yes, those are, in fact, pig glasses atop her head.}
Queen Sow Bea, Sow Becky, Sow Kristi and myself spent the early afternoon lounging at the pool. {Why yes. Yes, of course that would be a pink pig sequined visor on my head.} Queen Sow Bea is quick as a whip with humor. The camera catches us all on the brink of her funny.

Sow Melissa was a pro with the waffle iron to produce the best breakfast any pig could want. {along with the bacon in the above picture} Upon returning from the pool, I was asked to jump in and help with dinner preparation...
I tried my best to duplicate Mrs. Piggy Crocker up above! Perhaps aprons aren't my thing. For sure aprons with bathing suits and pink pig sequined visors aren't!
The hot tub was right off of our top balcony overlooking the mountains you saw above. It was divine to be the one in the "bathtub" instead of the one on her knees giving the bath for a night or 2.

There was spa time. The PedEgg was in FULL effect. Tweezers too. Along with masks, rubs, hot oil treatments, and moisture repair sessions. Melissa is a whiz with those eye tongs, I tell you. I need her right about now. The last day is always deemed "Awards Day." {Yes, there are sashes. What kind of Pig Outfit do you think we run here anyway?} There are ballots too. We vote for the following awards based on the events and ongoings of Pig Tour weekend:

  • Most Spirited Piggy
  • Splashiest Piggy
  • Piggy Got Game
  • Bad, Bad Piggy
  • Fanciest Piggy
  • Sloppiest Piggy
  • Most Food Consumed
  • Funniest Piggy
  • and last, but not least, BEST OF SHOW!

What award isn't complete without a certificate?
And guess who won Best of Show for the 2nd time? None other than k. of k.Mac! Sow Kristi brought home the pigware. {Meet Spamela. She is the Best of Show trophy. She lives at the recipient's home for their year in reign. She is one beautiful piece of purple clay, isn't she?}
Here are Carlene and her girls.
And here's the cast and crew of Pig Tour! {Yes, thematic t-shirts are made every year, duh?}

Resting and rejoicing with the ones you love never made me smile snort more.

.mac :)