She's Here.

She's here.

Bouncing belly.
Squishme legs.
Scoot crawling.
"B" hauling [that's short for "blankie" in our family}

In my home.

I can remember my first time to let either of my boys go somewhere overnight without me. Should my mother-in-law be reading this, she can attest to the 12 page typed journal complete with visual aids that I left for her and my sister-in-law when they came to watch Eli overnight for the 1st time.

There's just something about their little breathes not being rightinthenextroom that gets you.

That's why I truly understand and gratefully appreciate the trust that Kim and Adam have in Kenny and me with sweet Mollye.

I've always loved the phrase, "It takes a village." when it comes to raising your little ones. I love that my boys have so many grandparents and aunts and uncles who each provide them with their own gifts and outlooks on life. Activities, outings, expectations and dinner menus are different at every home in our village. At Ma and Pa's, they go feed the ducks. At Mom-mom and Larro's there's the highly coveted blue and white semi and fruit bars with icing on top. At Nana and Papaws, there's Papaw's "iiee-pace" and backyard racing. But one thing that is present at every home in our village is an undying love for our boys.

Thus is true for the sweet cheeks resting her head in just the other room at Aunt Meghan's and Uncle Kenny's.

And what will this home in her village give her? Perhaps she will remember the whirl of fun and overdose of energy she gets from her 2 cousins as the pounce her this way and that on the floor at play. Or maybe she will lock in on the times splashing in the pool in our yard and playing at our beach.

As for me, I will remember it all. I soak each time up as I am the biggest, fluffiest pink sponge when it comes to her. I am enamored at her daintiness and her sweet little giggles and grins. I am taken aback at how immensely my boys love this little girl. I watch her discover and learn. And it makes me happy. Playing with my pink Tonka Bronco {my version of the Barbie Jeep when I was a little girl}, never made me smile more.

My fits of sewing whimsies just knowing she's coming soar to all-time high. And I think that's my little way of remembering a home once in my own village.

Because, to me, when she's here, in a way, so is she.

She's here.

.mac :)