As of late, my mind has been waltzing with the idea of perspective. Gliding about nonchalantly as the rhythm sporadically takes us; we dance. The way at which and from which you look at any given circumstance really is an illustrious beat. I'm enjoying my skirt swaying to and fro as we make our turns about the dance floor of life. Me and Perspective.

Perhaps the needle was placed on the record of my dance floor mind from the recent movies Kenny and I have watched all cuddled up after boys are in full slumber. This film brilliantly flooded my heart with ideas of aging, integrity, pride, and sacrifice. Yet this film spirited my mind with the need for attention to precise details, strategy, and determination.
I use the word illustrious for the first time, in a way, as I feel like I have always been a typically closed minded individual. I don't know if this is due to the way I was raised or just simply because this is the pattern in which my mind works best. I feel like that to each there is comfort in knowing that their way is the way. Their thoughts are what is right.

Illustrious is the word I use as God has given me a bundle of opportunities with which I am learning to understand the prescription lens is different for each person peering in.

And this multiple choice way of looking at life isn't wrong to me. God's plans and his expectations for us are clear. To love, not to judge, to live on fire for Him, to forgive, to reach His potential that He has set for each of us.

And this has been kind of an awakening to me. Because I am finding that if you are not fine tuned in the rhythm of perspective, you will find yourself rapping to the beat of "I'm better than you." Because you never know when you may be looking sideways at something when someone else has the full frontal view. Profile views offer us with many hardships. They can be skewed. They can hurt. They ache. They can even leave you questioning the intentions of others. Angles are sharp, aren't they?

I guess where the rhythm misses is when a person doesn't have the love of God and the desire for Him truly resting in their hearts. Because even when you do, it's sometimes hard to keep up with the beat. More and more, my daily prayers are to keep in rhythm with God's desires for me. To keep humble in His grace and continue to seek the perspectives of all just as He does. And finally that He place this same needle on the record of every one's heart through His love.

Being open minded doesn't mean that you agree with the perspectives of all. But it does mean that you punch your dance card of compassion and step into their shoes for a dance or two. It brings a whole new hope to your heart, I do believe.
Whether it be the unrequited love from someone dear, the couple trying to desperately to have a baby yet with no luck, the mama grieving the loss of a little one, the family member who just doesn't fit, the church member who thinks they're always right, the one who lets you down, the grandfather who is never pleased, the hurt, the helpless, the homeless. Me and Perspective through God's grace and humility can look in with illustrious eyes and find our place and peace for each.
And we can do so because He made us each with different intentions. His grand plan is to feed our hearts and dance cards full. To teach us and to remind us that we are all here to give Him our all and show that all to others each and every time we can. His dance steps are hard to learn at times, but well worth the try.

Illustriously I am reminded in this unfair world that I have a choice. That at times I will fail. But that I can always slide my heels back on, straighten my skirt, and hold out my arms as He takes mine in His to find our rhythm once again. Me and Perspective.

.mac :)

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