Quick On Her Feet

Setting: My brother's birthday celebration.

Backyard grilling, horseshoe tossin, kids playing...

It was a late night of fun.

So, of course, I brought the kids' jammies to bath it up before loading up to make the 1 1/2 hour trip home.

Plot: After bath, Eli looses it.

Eli: "Mom, my boo-boo! My Scooby band-aid is gone! I had to take it off to get my bath and now I have no band-aid! Aunt Kim, do you have a Scooby band-aid for me?"

Aunt Kim: "Ummm, let's see. {so internally panicking as Mollye Bear is not old enough to even notice that band-aids can perhaps be decorative or thematic...Kim knows she got nothing but skin themed band-aids in the house}

Elapsed time: 2 seconds.

Aunt Kim: "Oh Eli, I have a Make-Your-Own Band-Aid. Would you like to make one for your boo-boo?"

Eli: {totally intrigued, sniffling beginning to break up} "Yes, yes! I want to do that!"

Aunt Kim: {whipping through her Scrapbook supplies cool as a cucumber} How about we design your name?

Eli: "Oh yeah!" {tears immediately evaporating}

Moral of this short story: It appears Aunt Kim is "quick on her feet", don't you think?

Teacher/Mom Extraordinaire, that's her!

.mac :)