Neck Zits

Where do you come from?
Puberty was like 17 years ago,
Umm, get that...
That would be the CLUE phone ringing loud and clear!

All swollen and pouty,
You pepper my neck,
With your own heartbeats pounding,
I push on you, what the heck!

I mean you get on my nerves!
You're ugly; you're killin' me!
Your frequent unannounced visits are unwelcome.
Simply put, I'm 33. I should be zit free!

Birthing children does take its toll.

Boobs that sag,
Hair texture changes,
Saggy skin,
The clothes in your closet and all their size ranges.

So zits, you perplex me.
I can't figure it out.
Are you here for the after childbirth party?
Or are you just joining me pre-middle age...
You know, to show me what that bash is all about?

I DO NOT appreciate your hard to pop places.
Under the ear lobe just ain't cool.
Oooh, me trying to "gettoyou" with all my contorted mirror faces!

And you can't just barge in by yourself,
No, that just won't do.
Gotta bring at least 2 or 3 friends,
You and your crop of buddies, that's right, don't you?

Well, be it age or the joys of post baby births.
My concealer never matches that neck skin of mine.
So go on, get out of here, I want you NO MORE.
A clear sans orangy-brown spotted neck would suit me just fine!

[photo gladly withheld from this post for your personal benefit.]

Bring on the wrinkles. Anything but neck zits~

.mac :(