Mission _ _ _ _ _ _ Bear!

Forecast: Monsoon with a chance of a little more monsoon.

{That's been our May here in good ole rocky top.}

Time: Morning--'bout mid.

Mission: ...

Press play and find out!

Yeah that would be a correctamundo. I'm the mom whose boys can in-an-instant be unbuckled and ready for action. And perhaps just maybe while pulling into an emptyish parking lot, I let them roll down the window and break off a little of what-you-see-right-here.

My little brother Adam. Just turned 29 folks. Just turned it, I tell you. And he and my sweet SIL Kim have one one adorable little girl.

Her name?

Let's see. I don't think I really have ever introduced her to you before?

Only here, here, and here.

But whose counting, really?

MOLLYE ADDISON had her first overnight field trip to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Meghan's house!

Now this brother of mine was all hovery and all "Kim sent you an email with her schedule and directions", and all "make sure she plays with her fish in the bath. She loves her fish", and all "I have to get a picture of you with the boys and her before you leave."

So, of course, being the good big sister, I totally honored and respected his need for dawdling, excessive open-ended questioning only to reassure himself that his sister---mother of 2---really knew what she was doing with an infant, and the snapping of our pearly whites for scrapbooking's sake.
Of course, I did.

What's that?
Mollye has on sunglasses, you say?
Why yes. Yes, she does.
Why you ask?
So I did what any good aunt of fashion would do...
We put them on her head for the trendy accessory look.
Pictures matter, peeps.

Isn't she adorable in total wave mode?
I can't stand it.
Oh yeah, my rugrats are rockin' out too, by the way.

Casey in signature "When my mama holds me, my 2 favorite fingers operate on complete auto pilot."
Eli is in straight "I'm 4 and about the coolest cat you'll ever meet stealth mode."

And Mollye's mama has just the best taste in clothes. Could this onesie get any cuter? The ruffle blue jean skirt too, but what about that onesie?
The boys and I ate Miss Mollye up. She is nothing short of a sweet doll baby.

Scoot crawling and leg kicking to get to toys...and so photogenic. This girl would stop at the mere sight of camera and pretty much just wait for you to turn it on and adjust the settings.

And an eater, boy I tell you! Look at these teefers! She loves to feed herself. And happy as a lark as long as those bites keep comin'! The boys really liked being her meal attendants making sure she had just what she needed when she needed it!
Bath time for cousins! Daddy/Uncle Kenny is bath proctor in this house. And, yes, fish was there. He is in her hand, little brother Adam!

Kim still nurses Mollye so we had to sorta punt when it came to night time and early morning feedings.After a few gulps from the sippy cup stand-in, she nestled right in. She and I had some auntie-niece bonding. We sang and rocked and talked. Just some real good girl time if you ask me. Then sweet baby girl nodded right on off with her trusty 2 fingers {sounds like her cousin, doesn't?} and her best blankie. Which oh, just happens to be her Farmall tractor quilt with polka dot satin backing and coordinating tags complete with "Mollye Addison" embroidered on it made by Aunt Meg!

Mollye's dad is a HUGE Farmall tractor guy. I mean one of Adam and Kim's wedding pictures was on our family's old Farmall tractor. So Mollye had to have a Farmall blanket done up just as girlie as could be! And of course, she just HAD to have a matching dress with monogrammed ruffle bloomers to match her blankie!
These were the surprises she got at Eli's 4th birthday party last month! Hey! It was her party favor! {Check out the tractor buttons!} Eli eyed them on a clearance rack. That's my boy!

Now that's the stuff sewing machines are made for!

Back to the night-night story...Kenny came in to check on us, and saw me with stars in my eyes. He left and came back to get a picture. Rockin' baby girls just doesn't happen in this house!

The next morning it was off to the Red Bank Jubilee. k.Mac gladly donated a medium tote all dolled up RB style for the Lions Booster Club to raffle.
Loading a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 9 month old in and out of the car and getting there in timely fashion was a bit more oh let's say strategic than I was used to, but we rocked it out and got there just in time to watch the parade!

Here are a portion of the Lions. But forget about them. There's daddy in the back!
Mollye loved the band. She started just a kickin' and a smilin' when they came a ra-tit-tat-tatting by! Casey loved the miniature ponies and Eli loved the Shriner cars.
What's that?

I had to make Mollye some outfits to wear while with her Aunt Meg. This one in particular is a simple pillow case dress modified along with matching ruffle bloomers.
What's that you say?
Yes, yes, its true.
Aunt Meg also made Mollye's mommy a matching skirt with the polka dot fabric.
{Aunt Meg also just happened to "borrow" Kim's skirt to wear to the parade!}

5 people stopped us to tell us how cute we were that we matched!
That NEVER happens with boys!

Now don't get all upset that there is no picture to show us off. It's hard to get a photograph of this cuteness when you are the boss of 3 kids by yourself!

Trust me. We were ADORABLE!

After the parade festivities, we all came back home to relax as the rain set in {again} and watch a little NASCAR!
Just look at that sweet little cupcake! With her best blankie, her best cousins, and one uncle that thinks she has simply hung the moon!
Lunch time was the best when you have on bibs like this!
All in all, Mollye's visit was a blast. I loved every minute of her sweet self. The boys and Kenny did too. When Kim came to pick her up on Saturday evening, I had a little surprise for her 1st Mother's Day gift up my sleeve...
Matching Mommy and Daughter
Mother's Day Dresses!

I couldn't resist. I just couldn't I tell you. Mollye Bear makes my heart skip a beat and makes the presser foot of my sewing machine go-go-go!

Criss-cross backed sundresses...ruffled ribbon bloomers...pink flowers for buttons...

I am one lucky aunt!

And God gave me boys for a reason!!

.mac :)