Southpaw Draw

Cause when you're left-handed you cut the strips with your groovy left-handed scissors. How does one being left handed get by without these, I ask?

I simply cannot.

And then, when you're husband is left-handed too, why you draw out the winner of our free bag designing session with the ole southpaw.

Left-handed husband is just like the left handed scissors: can't do without.

Yep, it has been Kenny's job to draw for each and everyone of you k.Mac winners. Orders squeaked in today at the last minute to use their giveaway gifts towards nothing but handmade uniqueness.

Handmade uniqueness.

I love that phrase.

I really enjoyed reading about each of the ways in which you are unique.

To quote a few of my favorite snippets:

- My uniqueness is shaped and molded by the hands of God.
- I sneeze when I walk out in the sun. My Chemistry teacher tells me it's genetic.
- I feel I am unique because my life is full of contradictions but has led me to a more fulfilled life.
- ...also, I am a great speller and very fast at math in my head.
- I am unique because I can get people to tell me things.
- I am unique because I am me. God made me who I am and I attempt to live up to all his goals for me.

Man, that last one.
Dead on money ball.

God's plan. His timing. The gifts He gives each and everyone of us is just amazing. I love the confidence in this:

I am unique because I am me. God made me who I am and I attempt to live up to all his goals for me.

Yeah, I typed it again. Right on, sister! I see your Amen, and raise you a Hallelujah! I am going to do the same.

Now for the winner.

The lucky lady to receive a little k.Mac blog bio love, a blog post documentary of her k.Mac designing session, and a medium in her choice of fabric collection and bag design is:

Congratulations, Becca!

Contact me at to get the design session underway! Lots of fabrics to see and choose from! Not to mention, there are 3 more bag designs yet to be seen by the blog eye!

Thanks to everyone for making March Madness a great month for k.Mac. Keep checking in as there will be new bag promos, impromptu giveaways, and of course, lots of Eli and Casey chronicles to read up on!

It's officially 1 minute until April Fool's Day! Cutting the giveaway deadline close, aren't I? A little suspense never hurt anyone!

.mac :)