What to give for Valentine's?

AHHHHHH, sweet, sweet, honey, honey love day is just around the corner, isn't it?


Whatcha gettin' yer man?

A wallet, some new cologne, an electric toothbrush, a new pack of boxers?

These are all gifts that fall into the category of great, no doubt. But perhaps you might want to select something that helps to facillitate and render the both of you with quality time, silliness shared, and simple, easy gifts of expression.

Ahem. Got your gift right here.

Why Today? is a couples game that I have created to help arouse creativity, everyday gifts of happiness, and easy love and conversation that a marriage sometimes misplaces from time to time.

The idea of creating this game came to me over the Christmas holidays. We really wanted to give our loved ones and friends near and dear gifts that were from the heart and handmade.

We wanted to do one gift for each of these couples.

My inspiration came from, of course, my hunky husband. I was thinking of the things he does that means the most to me. Then I thought of things that I do that he really appreciates as well.

Believe it or not, almost all of them came back to words and feelings exchanged or exhibited. Money wasn't a huge factor at all.

Well, this set my craftiness in overdrive.

Hence Why Today? was born.

Here is how it works?

The game comes with an overview of game origin and inspiration as well as directions on how to play, of course. It also come complete with ways that you can vary the way you play the game once you are done. It EVEN comes with a list of several ways to repurpose each and all pieces parts to the game.

Allow me to introduce each member of this Why Today? team.

Here is your jar of tasks and items for sharing:

Here are your game players handpainted by me to match each spouses eye color and hair: (one dimensional objects really do say it all don't they?)

Here are your game pieces to represent when a task or an item has been shared. They are color coordinated to represent either the task or the sharing item:

Attached to the "game players" is a ribbon to house the color coded game pieces once each talk or shared item is complete.

The jar is filled with oodles of goodies for sharing and tasking all in the goodness of love. They have such a wide range of topics and tasks that encompass both the husband and wife mentalities. In a nutshell, please rest assured husbands that you won't have to be painting your wife's toenails or looking at home accents should you draw one of the slips out. Rest assured.