Medium Pizza and a Large Fry

That was my drug of choice last night.
And that was MY dinner ONLY.
And I ate every last bite.

As much as I would like for things to be glitter and glam ALL the time, it ain't.

Right now I am hovering.

Hovering in the 3 1/2 month period where I am the mama to a 3 year old and a 2 year old. God and his sense of humor.

Eli was planned almost to the minute. Casey was a, "Are you kidding me? We are pregnant?" baby.

They both are truly the best things in our lives.

BUT, good gaw!

BUT, good gaw. I will say it again.

The juggling act I attempt on a daily basis...well, let's just say some days those multicolored tennis balls reverberate nicely off the top of my head.

I write this as I have decided that yes, BUBETUBE a la Curious George will be just fine to knock a few of their brain cells out for a quick 20 minutes of sanity.

Laundry list:

1. Casey is potty training {with rock star capabilities} BUT one must constantly be on his tail with time checks and pee/potty breaks.
2. Casey has decided 6:30 AM will be a fine time to arise.
3. #2 wouldn't be so bad, BUT I am not getting my 1st cup of coffee or my morning devotional time BEFORE an ALL DAY with children. Hence, I am now re-gearing my wake up time to around 5:30 AM.
4. #3 wouldn't be so bad, BUT I usually don't hit the hay until about 1:00 AM from k.Mac'n it in the wee hours.
5. #2, #3, & #4 are causing me to be WAY behind on my weekly Bible study that I attend every Tuesday.
6. Cobble Budget Assessment and Readjustment 2009 is hot off the press. Let's just say for the remaining dinners this week we are having Mamwich and Totino's Pizzas...JOY and HEALTH all boxed and canned.
7. My favorite sewing machine is in for repairs. I miss her. Love my back up machine, but she just doesn't cut thread with quite the same zest.
8. Eli has begun joining us in bed oh around 1:00 ish every morning. We have a full size bed. Need I say more? Yeah, I think I will. I am the meat and the men are the bread to that sandwich. There. Visual complete.
9. Eli has taken it upon himself to provide his father and myself with his opinions and animated faces after being given directions and corrections. I am not a fan of talking back from a 3 year old. Ahh, yes, the rolling of the eyes is here.
10. Casey is a biter.



At this time, I would like to say thank you to cheap processed food and the PBS BUBETUBE. You provide me with more than you will ever know.