And the winner is...


Thank you for the great response to k.Mac's 1st 2009 giveaway! I am so thrilled to have a bundle of names from which to toss in a bowl and tousle my fingers through.

When I first decided to write a blog for k.Mac, I was torn on which direction the blog should go.

I spoke with several of my dearest friends in business arenas for advice and direction.

You see, I love to write. I love finding connections between the simplicities in life and the complexities of the heart and mind. I love to laugh and be silly. I love my family.

The above reasons alone could keep me writing for days whether a single soul read it or not. Just check my closet for the journals of my yesteryear.

But blogging is so much more invigorating to me. For reasons such as:

1. I hate my own handwriting. Thus, typing is right up my alley.

2. I am a visual person. Let's Cap Lock that shall we? I AM A VISUAL PERSON. Hence, I love putting pictures most times multiple in nearly every post.

3. I love to connect. I am a people person and always have been. If somehow I can make someone smile, bring someone a laugh, or make someone want to say, "Man, I feel the same way", or perhaps maybe even inspire someone to step boldly out and reach for their own dreams then I consider this blog a success.

4. I love to talk. My husband. My poor, poor husband.

When deciding the exact direction this blog would go, I heard advice such as "just write about your business adventures and use it to give your designs publicity" and then I also received advice that was more along the lines of "people don't want to hear about your family, they want to hear about your bags."

Then one of my dearest friends said, "Just be you. Write about your life. Write about it all."

And that made perfect sense.

So, like how my kitchen looks at the end of most days, I chose to let this blog meander and mumble of many things. The piles of dishes in my sink could easily be compared to the stories of my boys and all their hilarity's. The stack of mail and newspapers where I have neglected to cut out Sunday paper coupons can be the poems I write about my life. The frappin' and I do mean frappin' dishwasher that ALWAYS needs unloading it seems could be the designs in my dreams, on paper, or products made. The crumbs crusty and crunchy on the floor causing me to wear my house shoes 24/7 are the memories I write of loved ones gone and news one who have arrived. And the refrigerator ON GOING grocery list can always signify the journey of my soul always adding one more thing to my list of "make that happen" or "never forget that."

I consider writing in my top five of my favorite things to do. Just from this giveaway post, I connected with so many ladies that read my blog. Some of them even sent emails to tell me how touched they were and how much they could relate to some of the words and feelings that I had written in other posts. I had several that had no clue that I even had a business let alone a blog too.

Which tells me 2 things.

1.k.Mac is growing. And this does my heart proud. Not by the number of bags and handmade items that I might sell, but because of the connections that are being made. Just knowing the handful of ladies that thanked me for a word I wrote and a thought I shared brings this all to fruition.

2. More connections need to be made. As a business owner, I have a great responsibility. I have the responsibility to create. To create a place where people want to come to read. A place where people want to share a laugh or leave a comment or repsonse. I have the reponsibility to create a place where k.Mac is known for its pride in custom designing and providing the customer with quality products and opportunities for creative one-of-a-kind purchases.

So I am going to continue that whole "just be you" thing and write about it all. But, I am also going to work to make this a place where people come to find joy, relate, begin the custom designing process with excitement, purchase handmade items, AND...

have chances to win something for themselves from time to time!

I hope from now on I can consider you ALL "my happy crowd of regulars!"

Now, what was I forgetting? hmmmm...

OH YEAH! Just teasing!

So, here are the names all ready set:

And here they are all ready to be picked:

[Insert suspense here if you haven't already scrolled down to justgettothewinner]

And the winner is....

Congratulations, Karson!

You have just one a free designing session with k.Mac. Contact me via email ( and we will begin designing your very own k.Mac creation from the ground up!

I plan to document all our email discussions as well as how Karson finalized her fabric collection to share in a post on how the k.Mac custom designing process works.

Hopefully this will help others the see the fun in virtual designing with k.Mac.

And as for the rest of you girlies...

Well, I couldn't leave you completely out! You all each receive a FREE monogram with your purchase of a k.Mac bag design. So, check out our bags and have fun with designing your own bag too! There are also 4 new bag designs on the horizon for spring if you would like to wait it out for some of our newest creations.

Thanks so much for participating. Y'all come back now, ya here?

.mac :-)